8 Good Wide Calf Rain Boots For The Spring

I have all the reasons to be proud with my wide calves. They are muscular. I have them from the years of working out and step- aerobics routines. Except for the fact that I am not that happy. Every time I am shopping for boots, I need to look at the shaft circumference of the boot. Most women don’t have to worry about this at all. Their calves are not oversized. They can fit their legs in normal medium sized boots.

Not to mention that most stores around don’t carry rubber boots. I am amazed, they carry all types heels, sandals, or dressy pumps at discount prices. The thing is they are highly nonfunctional in the non- predictable spring weather. The end of may and the beginning of June is the right time to look for a pair of boots that can serve their purpose and keep your feet dry and warm in the down-pouring rain and paddles.

Solid Color Classic Rainboots

You cannot go wrong with a pair of solid color minimalist boots. The simple the design, the more versatile is the item. Also there are solid color rubber boots for women with glossy finish.

  • Crocs Allcast Rain
    Fully molded construction; waterproof to the top! Tend to your plans rain or shine in the AllCast Rain Boot by Crocs. Short boot with a circumference: 15 1⁄2 in

Fun Patterns Feminine Rain Boot

Also I have picked up four more pairs. They are not your plain old boots. They have fun or feminine patterns or they are otherwise cute.

  • Jileon Mid Calf Rain Boots | Specially Designed for Wide Feet, Ankles & Calves. Unique half height rain boot to blend practicality and style for a chic wet weather look.