Business Casual Sneakers

Business Casual Dress Code Origin

Business dresscode is not the one it used to be years ago when business suit and dress shoes were a must for the men in the office environment. Today many creative offices and companies let their employees wear casual clothes and shoes at work. At the business premises of many technology companies employees wear clothing and shoes which are mid ground between formal business and street clothes.
Generally business casual dress code is all about comfort attire and relaxed but pulled together appearance. A pair of jeans, khakis, a polo shirt and casual walking sneakers would make the perfect business casual apparel outfit.

Wide Width Men’s Casual Sneakers

Here are some of picks of men’s wide width casual sneakers for the office. In most cases casual sneakers are comfortable enough to be worn for hours and look smart enough for the office.

New Balance MX623v3
New Balance MX623v3

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