Toddler Sandals

Wondering what sandal type and brand to pick for your toddler this summer? This can be quite an issue, especially if the toddler has wide feet and isn’t sure-footed. The best shoe for any toddle is the shoe that feels like barefoot, and supports, not squeeze toddler’s growing feet. The toddler sandals should have flexible soles that bend with every step. Good balance and elastic ankle support for easy on and off together with perfectly snug fit are a must.
Here are some picks for wide toddler sandals for boys or girls.
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Try one of these styles, some water sandals, Teva Kids, Nike Kids, Keen Kids, or Robeez.
When it comes to wide and extra wide width shoes for toddlers, Stride Rite come in handy.

Stride Rite SRT Tulip White Leather Velcro Closure Sandals
Stride Rite SRT Tulip While Leather Sandal Toddler Infant Girls Wide Extra Wide

Robeez is a French brand that caters to the needs of the babies who make their first steps and their parents.
Robeez Rugged Rob
Rugged Rob Robeez is non-slip flexible suede soles cushioned inside

The best pick for a kid who can walk confidently and even jumping and climbing around is a pair of sport sandals.
Merrel Kids Hydro Wide Width Infant Girls Boys Sports Sandals
Merrel Kids Hydro Wide Width Infant Girls Boys Sports Sandals

You could select something from Jumpingh Jacks as well. When it comes to firstwalker shoes toe protection is very important. Fisherman sandals is a very popular style for toddler, firstwalker shoes.