Wide Hiking Boots Men

How To Pick Good Hiking Boots

Buy Roomy Hiking Boots

The best men’s hiking boots and shoes need to be roomy, strong, durable and rugged. Hiking boots should be roomy, because after a tiresome day on in the country feet tend to swell.

    MEN’S ULTRA FASTPACK IV MID FUTURELIGHT Features FastFoam midsole system so you can cover more miles and comfort. Also provides abrasion-resistant mesh upper helps guard against tears and abrasions on the trail. In addition there is a waterproof membrane keeps out the wet elements while still providing a breathable foot environment. Mid-profile boot for added ankle protection.

Men’s Hiking Boots

I had a experience with tight fitting hiking boots that pinched my feet. After a busy day hiking down a steep heel my left feet thumbnail became black and ached. I learned my lesson the hard way. After that incident I started buying hiking shoes that offer plenty of room in the toe box (at least half a inch).  After several hours hiking in sun, snow or rain, your feet start swelling and you need that extra space in the hiking shoes.

Wide Hiking Boots For Men

Buy From Reputable Stores

Also the hiking boots have to be strong and durable. Buy your hiking footwear from reputable stores. Bargain price items are usually left- overs from the big retail stores.  They may have stayed inside their boxes for more than you expected. Here comes the other important rule I have learned from experience: never wear boots older that 5 years on long hiking tours. It doesn’t matter how often you have worn them after the purchase. Whether you wear them or not, the shoe material gets older. The shoe midsole is made of rubber. It is the weakest part of the boot/ shoe. Usually it is the first part to fall apart and render the boots unusable.

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