Wide Shaft Boots Women

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  1. Ashley says:

    It is so frustrating to find plus calf boots and I have been so upset for years until I did a Yahoo search for wide calf boots and found WideWidths.com. They specialize in wide calf boots and I am now ordering my third pair after I found them about 8 weeks ago.I completely agree with you about being in fashion with a pair of boots but they are virtually impossible to find in shoe stores and they are not accessible at all. There are very few boots with very wide calves to be found in stores and if someone needs a plus calf boot with just a little more room than a standard boot then those may be more easily available but if anyone has an extra wide calf, then they are virtually non-existent. I have big muscular calves and I found some really gorgeous boots that have a 19 1/2 inch calf at http://www.WideWidths.com. I am only a size 12 in clothing but when you go into a shoe store it feels as if you are a creature from another planet because of the way you are treated when the salesperson sees your calf. When you buy something online, every company calls their boots a “wide calf” but when they arrive you find that they are only an inch or 2 larger than the standard boots which generally have 14 – 15″ calves. I know it is summer now but since it was too good to be true, I was afraid I wouldn’t have any boots when the fall and winter came!

    Don’t worry if your calf is smaller than mine, they have smaller calf sizes too because they carry ONLY wide calf boots. I was actually going to consider seeing if I could have a pair custom made before I found them and it was my luckiest day because I have never owned a pair of boots in my entire life. Their styles are really great too – not fuddy-duddy at all! The other good thing is that they list the calf circumference for every shoe size and this way you aren’t guessing what a website means by saying the boot is a “wide calf” since none of them are wide enough for most women.